We respect nature, we learn from history and love tradition.

The modern way of life features hectic paces, urbanization models and consumption patterns removing man from his primal source of rejuvenation leaving him off balance. On the contrary, nature generously offers us its beauty, teaches us balance, harmony and wisdom. It gives us the feeling of freedom and completeness. Staying in touch with our history and tradition ties us to our roots and thus caters for a need inherent to human beings and contributes to our mental empowerment.

“Agroikies” offers a harmonious combination of the above ideals and the chance to add to their value by sharing them with other people! The “Agroikies” are located in Drygianaki Estate, a total of 13,5 acres of unique Cretan landscape, with 600 years old wild oaks. It is an agro touristic complex near the picturesque village of Agios Thomas, 28 km from Heraklion at an altitude of 530m, set in a natural environment of unparalleled beauty. “Agroikies” is an ideal destination for relaxation and contact with nature all year round.

Agios Thomas is one of the most impressive mountain villages of Crete, and this is mainly due to the easily carved stone of the area. There are excellent examples of carved architecture like Minoan presses, Roman tombs and cave temples that reflect the rich history of the land. All this combined with the impressive rock formations, the natural caves, the Byzantine churches and the natural environment make up a unique scenery that exudes a very positive energy.

Undoubtedly the area presents archaeological and historical interest. Many sanctuaries and places of worship that have existed since pre-Christian times have been found in the area. It is worth visiting the carved caves, the Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore (daughter), where the Hole of Hades that led to the Underworld can be found. Also, the excellently preserved Roman carved tombs from the 1st – 2nd century and the dozens of Byzantine churches dating back to the 12th-16th centuries have already become a popular must-see.

Within the estate as well as in the wider area you can find signs that testify to the continuous human presence over time. These are the Minoan stone-carved winepresses from 3000 BC which in combination with the modern vineyards and olive groves that extend into and around the estate, testify to the uninterrupted cultivation and production of wine and olive oil over the centuries.

In “Agroikies” our major consideration is for the guest to feel pleasant, comfortable and homely. In our restaurant you can taste authentic traditional Cretan recipes cooked with pure ingredients produced in our estate and in the wider region. In the cafeteria you can enjoy your coffee, sweet or drink.

We invite you to “Agroikies” to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and the warmth of our hospitality!

With best regards,
for “Agroikies – Drygianaki Estate”,