An educational program to re-discover the old authentic tastes. It is a hands-on workshop where children learn about wheat, sift the flour, knead their bread with a homemade sourdough, and later enjoy the mouth filling aroma of the freshly baked bread. It also includes reference to the history of man associated with the history of cereal fruits, the position and importance of bread in everyday life, religion, social life and nutrition.
The children experience the process of bread making from the creation of the sourdough to the kneading of bread in authentic kneading boards wearing their special caps. While waiting for the dough to rise, they play the game of “Pinakote” and they solve word puzzles. At the end of the workshop, the children eat a loaf of bread with fresh oil and oregano.
The aim of the program is the experiential transmission of knowledge and techniques on nutrition and healthy life. The Program is addressed to nursery school children and pupils of all grades in Primary and Secondary Schools.